What To Expect

What To Expect

Your first visit is simply a consultation between you and the doctor. The primary purpose is to find out how we can help you achieve your dental goals. We’ll sit down in a non-threatening manner and discuss how we can help you accomplish your dental treatment without fear and anxiety. During your first visit you will learn about the various sedation options and we’ll customize your anxiety treatment plan.

At the end of the consultation if you feel comfortable we will invite you to an examination chair where we will diagnosis any dental concerns in a nonjudgmental manner.

Our Dental Treatment Consultant, will be available to answer any scheduling or treatment questions that you might have. She will also explain your options and help you customize your dental treatment plan.

Relax. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Your First appointment will consist of a dental anxiety (fear) treatment plan and your actual dental treatment plan.

2. Your Second appointment: treatment with sedation customized for your complete comfort and relaxation.

3. Follow up appointments : we will follow up with you to make sure of your continued dental success.

Remember. You are not alone, dental fear is very common in all ages, both male and female. We pass no judgement and find great gratification in your success.